We believe in the power of expertise to create platform for all.

Transformation of vision into platform facing the public, engaging partners, interaction with target audiences and creates absolute values.

GC is prepared and ready to Create and Activate for your Transformation.

  • Transform Audience Engagement to Brand Awareness
  • Transform Audience Experience to Brand Promotion
  • Transform Audience Knowledge to Brand Value
  • Transform Audience for Absolute Brand Activation

Hong Kong Photo Imaging & Camera Expo


By Hong Kong Photo Imaging & Camera Expo Ltd.

The Hong Kong Photo Imaging & Camera Expo (PICEX) is the perfect showcase on how GC can be both a Creator and an Activator.

GC Creates PICEX as The Platform for promoting all elements of Photo Imaging in which Hong Kong lacks for many years.

GC as the Creator, it takes close to nine months of market research and analysis just to create a complete strategy for the Expo. Our core belief is all about Content with Audience Engagement. We encouraged our exhibitors to use the work flow approach, further enhanced audience interaction by having numerous sharing and live demonstrations in both the Main Stage, Live Demo Zone and Education Theater, absolutely exemplified our core concept of “Content is King!”

GC as PICEX Show Manager, our teams took charge again by perfectly implemented all structures in the Expo; managing all activities including well over 112 sessions and 3,360 minutes of sharing, live demos and workshops; market and promote PICEX the Expo by utilizing our own network with traditional & E media, transforming all of our core competence to turn a vision into reality. With well over 30,000 visits during the three days expo, it proves that we must be doing it right.

GC absolutely believes in Transformation by innovation for both our clients as well as for PICEX. First by taking initiatives on identifying the needs of the market, utilizing our network through our core competences by innovative ideas and absolutely transforming all our elements to achieve fantastic results.

GC is here to Creates and Activates for all to succeed and experience the future of Expo.